May 4, 2015

Selene And Apollo

Selene, the Full Moon Greek Goddess of Light, watched the sad and dwindling demise of man-kind for centuries. Only able to help the innocent and pure once every month, she felt as though she was losing the battle against her ever-present and sadistic sister Hecate, The New Moon Goddess of Darkness. Hecate had the power to possess those who were most evil on earth and have them do her bidding through sacrifice and blood.

Hecate and Selene once lived in harmony but after Selene fell deeply in love with Hecate’s lover, Apollo, God of the Sun. Hecate was so furious that her heart turned as dark as a raven. From her heart break grew hatred, disgust, anger and passion; excruciating wings sprouted from her back and she became the Goddess of Darkness. Hecate had fallen so far from who she had been that nothing could mend the broken relationship of the two sisters.

As the earth continued to darken, Selene knew it was time to make a sacrifice of her own. She travelled to Poseidon and asked for a favor. If Selene and Apollo were to sacrifice themselves to the great god, he would allow them to live on the human world and together they would fight against the terrible darkness that Hecate had bestowed on the humans.

Poseidon agreed and granted them their wish. The two kissed as teas slipped down their cheeks. They slit their hands with a dagger, and watched as their blood fell to the ocean below.

Unfortunately, Poseidon was seduced by Hecate and as he accepted their blood, he bound both Selene and Apollo’s memories to the stars. They would never know who they were or the powers they possessed.

Guilt over took Poseidon’s thoughts as he watched the lovers fall lifelessly towards the earth and at the last moment he gave Apollo the memory of his powers but not his love for Selene. Hoping that one day, he might be forgiven.


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