May 2, 2015

My Lucas

Luke, what can I say about him? He’s my best friend. He’s always been just that, My rock, my everything. But his smile… it lights up my life and he can make me laugh harder than anyone I have ever met. It’s like we were put on this earth to be there for each other.

Do I love him?… Of coarse.

Am I in love with him? I don’t know.

There has always been something in the way. Some sort of wall, Like guilt or fear. It makes no logical sense.

His arms feel like home, like I will always be safe no matter how much darkness enters my life. As long as I have Luke, I have control over myself.

Nothing can ever happen though. Liz would KILL me. But it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how handsome my best friend is.

– S.K.


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